Formatting text copied from scanned PDF files

One of the problems from copying text from scanned PDF files would be having next line breaks at the end of every line. If you want to find out how to recognize text in your scanned PDF document, read this. Here’s how to replace next line break with space for text copied from scanned PDF files: On the Home tab, in the Editing Group, click Replace to open the Replace dialog box At Find what, type in ^p or ^13 At Replace with, type in a space Click replace Continue reading Formatting text copied from scanned PDF files

Meeting my Cats

Convincing the parents It was a long an arduous process to get my parents to agree to keep a family pet. Chloe P was the first cat that stepped paw (foot) in my house. Her owner needed someone to watch her over the weekend as she could not get along well with the older cats in her house. We offered to cat sit/borrow her. She came in a carrier and a tray of litter. “Where is she?” “Where did she go?” “Did she fall out of the window?” The first hour we had her was in a constant state of … Continue reading Meeting my Cats