Feline Wisdom: Getting a cat into a carrier

I’m writing this covered in fur from wrestling The Angel into the carrier for the annual visit to the vet. I fell over on my first attempt. He climbed up my jeans and over my shoulder in the next few attempts. We formed multiple MMA positions as I tried to stop him from escaping. He’s never been this afraid of the carrier. The last one to use it was The Princess for 3 trips to the vet which included dental surgery. Makes me wonder if cats have a secret language in which to share these terrifying visits with each other … Continue reading Feline Wisdom: Getting a cat into a carrier

Feline Wisdom: Black cats = lovable dust magnets

A black cat attracts infinitely more dust than any other colour cat. A black cat will find that one spot you missed when cleaning the house. A black cat will brush against that cobweb you never noticed. The finest dust is magnified on a black fur coat. A black cat is the best motivation for keeping your home spotless. And a black cat is still the best accessory you can ever have. Black goes with everything. Continue reading Feline Wisdom: Black cats = lovable dust magnets

The Makings of a Cat Tower

My plastic tower was shaking for dear life when Pilo crashes through it. After doing some research online, I decided to embark on making my own cat tower with sturdier materials. I have always been a sucker for DIY-ing my stuff. The potential cost savings, the satisfaction of seeing my work of art being used, and the ability to customise for my needs. I realized that I may be able to make a Cat tower for under $100. The miser in me jumped for joy. My cat tower would be both functional and sturdy. It is amazing how a kitty … Continue reading The Makings of a Cat Tower

Flapp Nights

Installing pet flaps I have been waking up multiple times a night to open the door over the past year since Pilo joined my family. Finally, after much hesitation and persuasion due to the fact that my door is hollow, I am going to install a pet flap on my room door. The PBC can come and go as they please. No more meowing, no more getting up to open and close the door in the middle of the night! I bought the Savic 4 way upgradeable cat flap from Petlovers center, as the frame of the flap matches my … Continue reading Flapp Nights