Boo-Boo Spayed

Neighbours complaining, strays gathering outside my door and sleepless nights. These are the thoughts that crossed my mind when I think about having a little cat in heat at home, yelling her lungs out in the middle of the night. Needless to say, I promptly arranged for Boo-Boo’s spay to be done as soon as possible. Now, it might seem that I am only doing this for me, and not in the best interest of Boo Boo. Research has shown that spaying a dog or cat before their first heat prevents mammary tumors in over 99% of all dogs and … Continue reading Boo-Boo Spayed

The Makings of a Cat Tower

My plastic tower was shaking for dear life when Pilo crashes through it. After doing some research online, I decided to embark on making my own cat tower with sturdier materials. I have always been a sucker for DIY-ing my stuff. The potential cost savings, the satisfaction of seeing my work of art being used, and the ability to customise for my needs. I realized that I may be able to make a Cat tower for under $100. The miser in me jumped for joy. My cat tower would be both functional and sturdy. It is amazing how a kitty … Continue reading The Makings of a Cat Tower

Flapp Nights

Installing pet flaps I have been waking up multiple times a night to open the door over the past year since Pilo joined my family. Finally, after much hesitation and persuasion due to the fact that my door is hollow, I am going to install a pet flap on my room door. The PBC can come and go as they please. No more meowing, no more getting up to open and close the door in the middle of the night! I bought the Savic 4 way upgradeable cat flap from Petlovers center, as the frame of the flap matches my … Continue reading Flapp Nights

Formatting text copied from scanned PDF files

One of the problems from copying text from scanned PDF files would be having next line breaks at the end of every line. If you want to find out how to recognize text in your scanned PDF document, read this. Here’s how to replace next line break with space for text copied from scanned PDF files: On the Home tab, in the Editing Group, click Replace to open the Replace dialog box At Find what, type in ^p or ^13 At Replace with, type in a space Click replace Continue reading Formatting text copied from scanned PDF files

Meeting my Cats

Convincing the parents It was a long an arduous process to get my parents to agree to keep a family pet. Chloe P was the first cat that stepped paw (foot) in my house. Her owner needed someone to watch her over the weekend as she could not get along well with the older cats in her house. We offered to cat sit/borrow her. She came in a carrier and a tray of litter. “Where is she?” “Where did she go?” “Did she fall out of the window?” The first hour we had her was in a constant state of … Continue reading Meeting my Cats