Feline Wisdom: Getting a cat into a carrier

I’m writing this covered in fur from wrestling The Angel into the carrier for the annual visit to the vet.

I fell over on my first attempt.

He climbed up my jeans and over my shoulder in the next few attempts.

We formed multiple MMA positions as I tried to stop him from escaping.

He’s never been this afraid of the carrier. The last one to use it was The Princess for 3 trips to the vet which included dental surgery. Makes me wonder if cats have a secret language in which to share these terrifying visits with each other and that’s why he freaked.

I prevailed in the end and received this advice from the vet:

Prepare the carrier at some distant location so the cat doesn’t know what you’re doing. For the duffel bag type that I use, this means standing it up on one end and propping the flap open.

Wait for a good moment when the cat is drowsy, such as after breakfast, then cuddle it and place into the bag feet, hind feet first.

My mistake was in giving The Angel a preview of what was coming – by preparing the bag in front of him. I will test out this advice in 4 months’ time when The Princess and The Diva are due for their vaccinations.


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