The Makings of a Cat Tower

My plastic tower was shaking for dear life when Pilo crashes through it. After doing some research online, I decided to embark on making my own cat tower with sturdier materials.

I have always been a sucker for DIY-ing my stuff. The potential cost savings, the satisfaction of seeing my work of art being used, and the ability to customise for my needs. I realized that I may be able to make a Cat tower for under $100. The miser in me jumped for joy.

My cat tower would be both functional and sturdy. It is amazing how a kitty so small can need so many things. Biscuits, litter and toys, just to name a few. These will go under the tower, to be stored in boxes.

Over the course of a few weeks, I went about purchasing the materials needed for my tower. I needed an Ikea storage system and some bolt & nuts.

Planks were to be removed from the shelve, leaving only the frame. Using a wood saw, I saw the wooden planks to my desired length. The remaining planks will be reused as the supporting plank at the bottom. I also re-used the nails removed from the shelve, saving me $$!

The bolt and nuts will help to form the support for the shortened planks. This is my biggest project to-date. It took me roughly 3 weekends to complete it.




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