Flapp Nights

Installing pet flaps

I have been waking up multiple times a night to open the door over the past year since Pilo joined my family. Finally, after much hesitation and persuasion due to the fact that my door is hollow, I am going to install a pet flap on my room door. The PBC can come and go as they please. No more meowing, no more getting up to open and close the door in the middle of the night!

I bought the Savic 4 way upgradeable cat flap from Petlovers center, as the frame of the flap matches my door.

Here is how I installed my pet flap:

I measured Pilo’s height, with him being the bigger one now. From the floor to the bottom of his belly when he is on all 4 paws. His flabby belly is 14.5cm from the floor.

Using the template provided in the box, I marked out the lines to cut out.

Here come the exciting part, cutting a hole in my door. I had reservations about cutting a hole in my hollow door, not knowing what to expect once I get into the door. Would the door be able to withstand my abuse once the structure was weakened by this hole?

I drilled holes on the corners of the marked out area to give space for the saw to gain traction. Boy, it was more tedious than I thought, cutting through a hollow door. It then struck me, being hollow means I have to saw through 2 surfaces. That’s double the work!

<caption: this how a hollow door looks like inside>

After multiple rounds of refinements to ensure that the screws are able to fit, I then realised that this is not over. As my door has protruding laminate designs, I need to cut through them to allow the frame of the flap to sit nicely on the door. The frame comes with a rubber rim inside, ensuring that it is air tight and sits snugly against the door.

Finally, it was time to screw in the flap. After further adjustments (which includes sawing off a section of the screw), the flap is up and running!

*TIP: as the locking mechanism is 5cm high, lower your cutting height by 5cm from your cat’s height. Eg. Pilo is 14.5cm, so I should mark my bottom line at 9.5cm from the floor.

I only realised that the flap is too high after watching Pilo go through it multiple times.



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